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Here at Christian Health Plans, we provide individuals with peace of mind knowing that we handle the heavy lifting. We bring faith-based healthcare alternatives home to you. Take comfort in a healthcare sharing ministry that reinforces your personal values.


With healthcare costs on the rise, Christian healthcare sharing provides a lower-cost solution that fits within your family’s budget. Help like-minded individuals and share the love through a faith-based healthcare option.


Innovative list bill options allow each employee in your organization to sign up separately and then you can payroll deduct their monthly contribution and send one combined check for all employees to the healthcare sharing provider. This might be just what your company needs.

Join the Leaders in the Christian Healthcare Sharing Community

Here at Christian Health Plans, we provide a variety of healthcare sharing options offered through the most popular Christian healthcare sharing ministries in the country. Each healthcare sharing ministry offers its own unique programs with different levels of care and believes in bringing affordable faith-based healthcare solutions to the Christian community.

Sometimes referrd to as Christian Health Insurance, these healthcare sharing ministries do not actually offer health insurance coverage. They offer “sharing” programs where their members share each other’s healthcare needs and essentially pay for each other’s medical bills.

Healthcare sharing programs have been around for over 25 years and billions of dollars of healthcare needs have been shared by fellow members. Let Christian Health Plans show you how you can save money, keep your doctor and join the growing community of believers who have already made the switch to a Christian healthcare sharing program.


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What are Christian Healthcare Sharing Plans?

Christian healthcare sharing is the concept of Christians voluntarily sharing each other’s healthcare needs and essentially paying for each other’s healthcare. Not only does this provide a great sense of community, it reinforces the biblical principle that believers carry each other’s burdens (Galatians 6:2). There are some qualifications for membership, but there is a good reason for that. Want to learn more?

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