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Christian Healthcare Sharing

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Christian Healthcare Sharing

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Are you paying too much for Healthcare?

If you're looking for a solution to the rising costs of Health Insurance and Obamacare, you've come to the right place. Every day, thousands of believers discover Christian Healthcare Sharing programs as a positive, refreshing alternative to traditional health insurance.

​​Classic Program Highlights

  • Doctor's Office and Specialist Visits
  • Preventive and Wellness Care
  • Prescription Drug Program
  • Lab and Diagnostics
  • Urgent Care
  • Emergency Room
  • Hospitalization and Surgery
  • Maternity 
  • Access to a national network of physicians
  • Telemedicine - $0 Consult Fee


Most members are able to keep their current Doctors with a Healthcare Sharing program due to the large, national provider networks.​



Compared to traditional health insurance, members who join a Healthcare Sharing program can lower their monthly cost by as much as 50%.​



Healthcare Sharing programs have been around for over 35 years and billions of dollars of healthcare needs have been shared by fellow members.​

Healthcare Sharing Membership Highlights

Doctor Visits

Christian Healthcare Ministries Doctor Visits

Emergency Care

Christian Healthcare Ministries Emergency Care


Christian Healthcare Ministries Prescriptions

Wellness Care

Christian Health Insurance Wellness Care

Lab & Diagnostics

Christian Health Insurance Lab & Diagnostics

Hospital & Surgery

Christian Health Insurance Hospital & Surgery

Affordable Healthcare Options for Everyone!

One size definitely does not fit all people. That's why we offer several unique choices designed to fit a variety of needs, lifestyles and budgets.

as low as

$115 / month
  • Telemedicine - $0
  • Prescriptions - 15% to 80% Savings
  • Emergency Services
  • Hospitalization & Surgery

Classic (Best Seller)
as low as

$154 / month
  • Telemedicine - $0
  • Primary & Urgent Care - $20
  • Prescriptions - 15% to 80% Savings
  • Preventive - 100% Up to $1,000
  • Emergency Room, Hospitalization & Surgery

as low as

$ 239 / month
  • All the Features of Classic, Plus...
  • Additional Primary & Urgent Care Services
  • Additional Specialist Services
  • Maternity

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What are Christian Healthcare Sharing Programs?

Christian Healthcare Sharing programs are offered by organizations called Healthcare Sharing Ministries. Healthcare Sharing Ministries facilitate the sharing of medical expenses among groups of Christian individuals and families who have united to share each other's medical bills in accordance with the biblical principle that believers have a responsibility to assist in meeting each other's needs (Gal 6:2) and that they share their possessions (Acts 4:32). Healthcare Sharing Ministries (HCSM's) are not Insurance and because of that, are exempt from the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). As of February 2019, over 1 million Americans currently participate in a Healthcare Sharing program and share more than $670 million in medical bills each year. Most HCSM's have lifestyle restrictions such as drinking to excess, using tobacco products, taking illegal drugs, etc and its members must agree to a statement of beliefs and lead a healthy lifestyle.

You may have heard of Christian Healthcare Sharing programs before, but the name doesn't ring a bell because they are often referred to by different names, such as:

  • Healthshare
  • Medical Sharing
  • Christian Medical Sharing
  • Christian Healthshare
  • Christian Health Insurance
  • Christian Medical insurance
  • Christian Healthcare
  • Christian Healthcare Insurance
  • Christian Medical Cost Sharing
  • Christian Ministries Healthcare
  • Christian Healthcare Sharing Ministries

How Long Have Healthcare Sharing Programs Been Around?

Healthcare Sharing programs have been around for decades, and billions of dollars of healthcare needs have been shared by fellow members. Although Healthcare Sharing Programs are not considered to be traditional health insurance, they are great alternatives to Obamacare and are exempt from the ObamaCare law. One of the most popular differences between Obamacare and Healthcare Sharing programs is that Healthcare Sharing programs offer open enrollment to new members all year long.

Is a Healthcare Sharing Program Right for Me?

With the constant rising costs of health insurance premiums and the seeming decreases in medical coverage, people can find themselves desperately looking for a feasible alternative. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a great healthcare program with an affordable cost was available? A Christian Healthcare Sharing program may be just the answer you're looking for. With affordable options tailored to fit your individual needs and designed to give you the freedom to choose your own doctor, these programs have become popular alternatives to traditional health insurance. Healthcare Sharing programs regularly welcome new members who can honor a Statement of Beliefs, by which the program operates. So If you missed out on Obamacare open enrollment this year, don't want a Short Term Medical or Fixed Benefit plan, don't worry, call today to see why so many believers have switched to a Christian Healthcare Sharing program!

Which Healthcare Sharing Program Should I Choose?

That depends on how much protection you need. There are three levels to choose from; Catastrophic, Classic and Complete, with Comprehensive having the highest level of provisions. Each program is designed to fit within your budget and meet your individual healthcare needs. This way, you can choose the program with just the right amount of provision and pay only for what you need. The process is easy! Just enter your Zip Code at the bottom of this page to view detailed program brochures and to run your own rate quotes. Then call 833-596-1172 to speak with one of our friendly healthcare representatives who will answer all of your questions and help you choose the perfect program!

Frequently Asked Questions

​Q: Are Healthcare Sharing programs a New Concept?​
A: No. Healthcare Sharing programs have been around for decades, and billions of dollars of healthcare needs have been shared by fellow members.

Q: Are Healthcare Sharing programs offered by Insurance companies?
A: No. These programs are only offered by Healthcare Sharing Ministries.

​Q: Are Healthcare Sharing programs legal under The Affordable Care Act?
A: Yes. As a recognized Healthcare Sharing Ministry, members are exempt from the Affordable Care Act.

Q: Is maternity included?
A: Yes. See the program brochure for details.

Q: What medical needs are eligible for sharing?
A: Medical needs eligible to be shared by healthcare sharing members compare favorably to their prior medical coverage. Eligible medical needs are listed in the membership guidelines.

Q: Will my doctor accept my Healthcare Sharing program?
A: We offer a recognized Healthcare Sharing Ministry that is part of First Health® a network that most medical providers participate in. To check if your providers are in the First Health® network, CLICK HERE or call 800-226-5116.

Q: How do I become a member?
A: Becoming a member is simple; complete the membership application process online by calling 833-596-1172.

Q: How much does a Healthcare Sharing program cost?
A: Your monthly contribution depends on the number of members in your family and the type of membership program you select.​​​

Q: Are Healthcare Sharing programs available in my area?
A: Currently we offer programs in All 50 States except MD, NM, PA, VT and WA.

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